INTENT Nutrition & LifeStyle Consulting aims not just to direct, but to educate their clients. Clients learn how to guide their nutrition to suit their daily lives, while at the same time learning how and why new and nutritious foods will benefit them directly. Choices from foods or drinks consumed, to how much they are exercising, to how much sleep they get, directly affect their health. Additionally, clients learn how to use natural and holistic methods and ingredients as remedies for ailments that they are contending with, providing security in solutions that drugstore options do not offer.

INTENT Nutrition & LifeStyle Consulting provides many services, such as consultations, hosting talks and cooking classes, conducting BIE sessions*, which holistically and safely help to reduce and eliminate food intolerances and environmental sensitivities, and also nutritional guidance and planning.

The greatest journey to wellness starts from within, a journey that the founder of INTENT Nutrition & LifeStyle Consulting, Vicky Hachey began. Nineteen years ago, Vicky noticed that different foods were affecting her son's behaviour.  This caused her to realize that it is not trendy "diets", but a solid foundation in nutrition, that establishes a structure for lasting results. At INTENT Nutrition & LifeStyle Consulting we individualize, educate, and help each person by using whole foods and real ingredients to obtain optimal health.