We get a lot of clients coming into our store asking for a supplement for their hair. Whether they are balding, experiencing thinning, or their hair is just dry and brittle, it’s no secret that everyone wants tresses Rapunzel herself would covet. 

Today I am going to explore popular supplements and how they work in tandem, how your food choices can help or hinder healthy hair, and then lastly safe products and how you can externally treat your hair. Natural, holistic haircare is something I have been learning about for about seven years – as someone with naturally fine hair, it became a bit of an obsession of mine in my teen years, as I coveted the luscious locks of celebs. From supplements to natural at-home hair masks, to reading I ought to wrap my hair in a T-shirt instead of a towel and sleep on a silk pillowcase to avoid rougher surfaces (I don’t do either), I have been gobbling up all the info I can get my hands on. And there’s constantly more research coming out!